We are required to publish information on how we spend Pupil Premium and Sports Premium money and the outcomes for our children.

Sports Premium Audit 2016/17 – Cranmere Primary School

Amount of Funding 2015/16   £9468 Amount of Funding 2016/17   £9570
Use of funding (previous year) Objective/Action Impact on learning Sustainability/Legacy Cost
Employment of a specialist PE coach

-All children Yrs 1 to 6 receive x1 hour specialist PE teaching per week

-Coach contributes to coaching and selection of school teams

-Coach assesses “levels” all children Yrs 1 to 6 in PE at the end of each year

-Coach has started a termly skills/fitness test

-Coach has stated compiling school records information

-Coach runs inter-house competitions e.g. dodgeball where every child Yr 2 to 6 plays and represents their house in a competition

-Quality of teaching and learning is observed termly as good or outstanding

-Tracking grid shows majority of children making expected or better progress

-Children have comparative skill/fitness results for themselves as they move up through the school (this has only just started and so is at a baseline phase)

-Children are inspired by and encouraged to compete in order to hold a school record e.g. for long jump

-All children participate in inter-school competitions

-reigning District Sports Champions

-Annual PE survey indicates overwhelming majority of pupils enjoy PE

-Some cost is recouped through revenue generated by x3 clubs run by the coach

-Teachers observe the PE coach or other specialist coaches from the coaching company (PSD) and improve their own practice as a result

-The coach often has apprentice coaches with him who can deputise with knowledge of our children if he is absent. It also means that often classes have access to x2 coaches

-We frequently hear from the local high school of Cranmere children in school teams and even captaining them

Purchasing multiple PE resources -To replenish resources needed to teach the curriculum and also to enable the teaching of new areas e.g. indoor athletics. Also includes SEN resources e.g. visually impaired balls

-Indoor athletics and circuit training are now on the P.E curriculum

-the school has sufficient resources to teach the curriculum

-Visually impaired and wheelchair children have improved access to the curriculum

-Rolling programme of auditing resources and replenishing/equipping £1644
Olympics Week To raise the profile of sport and increase participation/generate inspiration. Workshops each day with sports person (including high level professionals) -Children were awe struck by some of the abilities of the sports personalities. They were inspired to participate in sport as a result

-staff observed the workshops and were able to incorporate elements of good practice into their teaching

-where possible children have been encouraged or pointed in the direction of clubs where they have a particular talent

Games Area markings Multiple games/court x3markings painted on the MUGA -Netball, tennis, football can all be taught in the correct area, correct court and correct rules -move from having 1x netball court and no other tarmacked games markings to x3 for three different sports £3000
Expansion of number of sports clubs

-Introduction of another paid external provider of football

-Addition of an extra paid club led by the PE coach

-teacher led badminton club introduced

-addition of an RFU coach running a free rugby club twice per week

-Children have increased access to sports clubs, and sports outside of football, due to an increase in places

-going forwards try to encourage more teachers to lead sports orientated clubs

-RFU Coach due to train staff in Jan 2017 in order that they can incorporate it into their own teaching

Plans Going Forwards to develop PE and approximate costings
More inter-house competition

All children are more able and regular able to participate in a competitive event

-       Develop a PE notice board

-       Introduce a Cranmere swimming gala

-       Introduce intra house competitions in more sports

Children are encouraged to compete and do their best and improve their personal best. The competition, trophies and recognition inspire children to improve and participate in more competitive sport inside and outside of school £300
To further develop resources to support the teaching of sport

Support the teaching of the PE curriculum including new areas or “neglected” areas e.g. rhythmic gymnastics/dance, orienteering

-       Rhythmic gymnastics equipment

-       Javelins & discus

-       Orienteering equipment

-       Storage & lunchtime play equipment

-       5 a day subscription

-       Trophies


Children have access to a broad and balanced PE curriculum. Resources are for long term use and are added to over the years. £4600
To develop assessment in PE in order to inform its planning and teaching Through monitoring standards in PE more regularly and broadening the staff assessing i.e. not just the PE coach – teachers have a greater knowledge of abilities and can plan and deliver PE accordingly Teaching of PE improves over time and standards in PE improve overtime. The school builds a history of data on standards in PE overtime which informs development of the subject action plan £175