Headteacher: Mrs Katherine Daniels
Assistant Head: Mrs Beckie Murphy
School Business Manager: Mrs Louise Mellors
EYFS Phase Leader: Mrs L Gunasekara 
KS1 Phase Leader:  Mr Scrivens
KS2 Phase Leader: Mrs. Graham
SENCO: Mrs Gooden


Rainbows: Mrs Butt

Ladybirds - Miss Brand
Strawberries – Mrs L Gunasekara

Year 1:
Goldfish - Mrs Prideaux

Tigers - Miss Ford
Pumpkins – Miss Nicholaison

Year 2:
Buttercups - Mr Scrivens
Daffodils - Mrs P Gunasekera

Year 3:
Parakeets - Mrs Graham
Turtles – Mrs Barrett 

Emeralds - Mr Datchler

Year 4:
Dolphins - Mrs McGovern
Bluebirds – Miss Wood

Year 5:

Swallows – Miss Gray
Oceans – Mrs Langley & Mrs Thompson

Year 6:
Emperors – Miss Miller
Amethysts - Mrs Holly

Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs Barry

French teacher Madame Faircliff

Teachers on maternity leave Mrs McGough, Mrs Couch, Mrs Douglas and Mrs Wright  

Teaching Assistants Mrs Benham, Mrs Knowles-Baker, Mrs Manship, Mrs May, Mrs Pastori, Mrs Dakin, Mrs Dale, Mrs Young, Mrs Dean, Mrs Watson, Mrs Goddard, Miss Mead, Mrs Frith, Mrs Oliver, Mrs Lyons, Mrs Rollo, Mrs Still, Mrs Hibberd, Miss McLagan, Mrs Etheridge, Mrs Cowdry, Mrs Perdue, Mrs Bates, Miss Williams and Mrs Weddell.

Teaching Support Assistants Mrs Boyle, Mrs Dinan, Mrs Hastie, Mrs Short,  Miss Allen, Mr Darcy, Mrs Still, Mrs Lyons,Mrs Etheridge, Mrs Holmes

Admin Team   Mrs Dumonde & Mrs Eyles and Mrs Finch (joining October 2019)
Relief Caretaker Services provided by Clean Sweep
Specialist P.E Teacher  Coaches Attenborough & K-B
Home School Link Worker Mrs Teresa Doe
Midday Supervisors Mrs Perrin, Miss McLagan, Miss Williams, Mrs Oliver, Mrs Lyons, Mrs Cowdry, Mrs Dean, Miss Mead, Ms Dale, Mrs N May, Mrs T May, Mrs Dale, Mrs Frith, Mrs Still, Mrs Holmes, Miss Williams, Ms Allen, Ms T May, Mrs Etheridge, Mrs Young, Mrs Boyle, Mrs Begum and Mrs Pastori.