Beginning of the school day

Nursery starts at 9:00am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Wednesday is a split day.  The morning session starts at 8:45am and finishes at 11:45am.  The afternoon session starts at 12:15am and finishes at 3:15pm

Please see our 'Starting Nursery Brochure' for more information about the Nursery school day.

Book Bag

Please bring your child's book bag to school everyday. We use the book bags to send home letters, home learning and reading books.  We would be grateful if you could make a note in your child’s reading record when you have heard them read and please sign when they have finished a book.  The book bags are put by your child into their own tray. To help them do so independently please ensure the bag is emptied regularly and only has one small keyring if they wish to personalise it. Please note that we are not able to check the children's book bags everyday so please let us know if you have important letters in there or take them directly to the office. 

Fruit Time

All children need to bring a bottle of water to drink. The bottle should be labelled with your child’s name. In the morning the children will have a piece of fruit from the ‘fruit free’ scheme, however if your child is staying at school all day they will need to bring in one small piece of fruit for the afternoon. Please could this be labelled with your child’s name or placed in a labelled bag or pot.  


The children in the Nursery eat lunch in the small hall at 11.45am. Your child will need a drink and a packed lunch. Packed lunches should be brought in a bag or lunchbox labelled with the child’s name. All uneaten items will be returned in the lunchbox so you know what they have eaten.

After the children have eaten lunch they will go onto the playground. On cooler or cold days your child must bring a coat to school along with a warm hat, gloves and scarf. On warmer days your child will need a sunhat and sun cream which they will need to independently apply.

At the end of the day

Children are dismissed at 3:00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The timings are different on Wednesdays (see above).

Contacting the class teachers

There are numerous ways of contacting us. Any information about your child such as who will be collecting them can be written on the clipboard hanging on the class gate. When the children come into the playground independently the clipboard will be available at the main gate. If you would like to speak to the class teacher, feel free to leave a note on the clipboard or come and talk to us at the end of the day. You can ring the school office and leave a message or email us.

Office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.