The role of the governing body

The Governing Body's role is to ensure that all pupils have access to a rich curriculum suited to the needs of our learners in a safe and welcomming environment.  The Ofsted framework is acknowledged and as such Governors and the Headteacher are mindful of the key judgements below:

1/ Quality of Education

2/ Behaviour and Attitudes

3/ Personal Development

4/ leadership and management

The governing body works together within a strategic framework called the school development plan to systematically monitor progress towards improvement. Governors ensure that they are well informed and knowledgeable on budget, educational and welfare issues. They take and support hard decisions in the interests of pupils, take steps to facilitate honest and insightful self evaluation and ask challenging questions focused on improvements. Governors are not expected or required to be involved in the day to day management of the school. That is the responsibility of the head teacher. The governing body however does work in partnership with the head teacher and senior leadership team to ensure the best possible outcomes for all of our pupils.

Governors are part of a team and, unless delegated to do so, do not act autonomously. Confidentiality is of paramount importance and governors act in a safe and professional manner during all the school- associated activities, such as meetings, visiting the school, accompanying school trips or organising events.

Our current Governing Body members are shown on Edubase which can be accessed via this link

What we do

The full governing body meets once a term and is fully minuted by a dedicated clerk to the governors. The agenda for a full governing body meeting will include review of the school development plan with particular regard to pupil progress, a head teacher's report, a short training session provided by an invited member of staff and reports from the chairs or our committees.

At Cranmere we have three committees which have authority to propose polices for approval or actions to the full governing body. The committees meet between once and twice per term. Currently our committees are:

  • Resources Committee. This committee rigorously sets and examines the budget with the Bursar and head teacher and takes it to the full governing body for approval. It also reviews staffing and training needs. During the current year we have been looking at the implications of new building work and the budget set by SCC. Resources Committee are also responsible for the fabric of the school and all health and safety issues. The bursar is in attendance as the schools Health and Safety officer. Regular safety inspections and fire drills are performed and monitored by this committee.
  • Learning and Achievement. This committee is focused on the curriculum and its impact upon pupil progress. Attendance and punctuality are reviewed at these meetings. The governing body places emphasis on the importance of regular and punctual school attendance. This is an area regularly monitored by the local authority and Ofsted. We have presentations by subject leaders who help to inform the work and plans of each subject area. 
  • Strategy. This committee welcomes the involvement of all governors and provides a forum to examine developments affecting the future of the school 

Attendance by Governors

All our governors are expected to visit the school with a specific focus on a curriculum area or an aspect of welfare such as the well being of pupils and enjoyment of school. These visits are structured and made in partnership with the head teacher.