We are very pleased to be able to offer the following open days for any families who would like to take a tour of our fabulous school.  We expect these tours to take about half an hour and they will include a brief introduction from our Headteacher, Mrs Kathie Daniels.

We are aiming these open days towards families who are considering Cranmere Primary, in Esher, for their reception-aged child in the 2022/23 academic year, however, if you want to see Cranmere Primary school because of an in-year admission or a nursery admission we would be happy to help.  Please call the office if this applies to you on 020 8398 5580.  This would include people who would like to apply for a place in Rainbows Nursery in 2021 or 2022.

School brochure:
If you are unable to come to any of our open days, but you would like to pick up a Cranmere Primary School brochure, then you are welcome to come to our school office and we will hand them out.  Tour attendees will automatically get given a brochure on the day.

Where are we?
We have little or no passing traffic because we are tucked away behind Sandown Racecourse and behind the railway line.  Cranmere Primary school is in a very quiet, mainly residential area with fields and horses at the front and huge grounds at the back.  The main road you are looking for is 'The Woodlands', if you are coming from Esher station direction, this road runs parallel to Lower Green Road (which is the road behind Sandown, where Esher High School is situated).  The Woodlands turns into Douglas Road (eventually) and then Arran Way is off Douglas Road.

How to book a place:
Places on each open day are limited, so if you would like to book yourself on then please complete our enquiry form by clicking on the link below.   We will need to review the bookings nearer the time and places are limited so, if we are oversubscribed on any particular day, we may contact you to move your visit.

Booking form for Cranmere Primary school tours - 2021/22 - please click here

September 2021
Tour 1 of 12 - Monday 6/9/21 at 2:00pm - booking now closed for this tour, please choose another date
Tour 2 of 12 - Friday 10/9/21 at 10:00am - booking now closed for this tour, please choose another date
Tour 3 of 12 - Tuesday 14/09/21 at 10:00am
Tour 4 of 12 - Thursday 16/09/21 at 2:00pm

Tour 5 of 12 - Autumn Fair plus school tour: Saturday 18/09/21 at 11:45am

Tour 6 of 12 - Wednesday 22/09/21 at 10:00am

October 2021
Tour 7 of 12 - Friday 08/10/21 at 10:00am
Tour 8 of 12 - Monday 11/10/21 at 4:00pm

November 2021
Tour 9 of 12 - Thursday 04/11/21 at 10:00am
Tour 10 of 12 - Wednesday 17/11/21 at 4:00pm

December 2021
Tour 11 of 12 - Tuesday 07/12/21 at 10:00am

January 2022
Tour 12 of 12 - Friday 07/01/22 at 2:00pm

Please note that the closing date for Reception Applications is normally 15th January, so we are expecting applications to be required by Surrey before 15/1/22

We look forward to welcoming you to Cranmere Primary school.

A note on parking - as a general rule, parking in our car park is normally limited to staff only. However, because these open days are 'after hours' then we do hope that you will be able to park in our car park without any problems.  I'm afraid you cannot park in the small car park just in front of our gates either because it is only for the residents of Arran Way.  However, the good news is that there is free on-street parking in the surounding roads, you just need to allow an extra 5 minutes to walk here.  There are also some parking bays at the end of Arran Way on Douglas Road - these do have some time limitations (at the time of writing there is no parking between 10am and 11am) - however, the parking wardens have been known to change these timings so please check on the day.