We are a Healthy Eating School which means that we actively promote and encourage all of our children to choose healthy options for their meals, including children who have a packed lunch.  Please do not put high sugary treats in your childs lunch box as this will not sustain them for their afternoon work and is likely to give them a high but short burst of energy followed by lethargy.  

We are a NUT FREE SCHOOL as we have a number of medical allergies related to nuts. 

Our school meals will be provided by The Pantry Catering Ltd from September 2021.  Please use their own booking and payment system to order meals, just follow the link below.  Make sure you register your child on their system first (instructions are also attached).

For more information about The Pantry's school meals please visit their website by clicking on this link: The Pantry Catering Ltd

The new menu can be found by clicking on their website and logging into your account.

Pupil meal prices for Key Stage 2 pupils in 2021-22 will be £2.34 per meal but meals are free for pupils in Reception to Year 2 as normal.

Please see the attached file for information on how to set up your account with The Pantry