We are delighted to be able to announce that from September 2018 our school meals will be provided by Pabulum Ltd.  You can still use our school payment system for making dinner money payments, just follow the links below. 

For more information about Pabulum's school meals please visit their website by clicking on this link (you can also find the current menu via their website): Pabulum Catering

Click here to make an online payment for dinners using SCOPay

The current Pabulum menu can be found by clicking here - the menu changes twice per year (April and October).

Pupil meal prices for 2018-19 will stay at £2.25 per meal from September but you will need to pay in advance. The amounts shown on the SCOPay site will reflect the amounts owed up to the end of each half term.  We are moving to online payments only, so if you have not already been set up on the SCOPay system then please contact the school office so that we can assist you with the registration process.

A note on payment methods - credit cards vs debit cards:
Unfortunately 3rd party payment providers, such as Worldpay, charge significanty higher fees for processing credit card transactions. We do not want to make the price of meals any higher than we have to, therefore we have opted for a debit card only system.  If you are trying to make an online payment and it does not go through (with no apparent reason) then it might be that you are trying to pay with a credit card instead of a debit card.

An introduction to our new catering team is given in the attached letter:

Date 2018-07-31
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The special dietary request form can be obtained by clicking below:

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