Headteacher: Mrs Daniels
Assistant Head: Mrs Murphy
School Business Manager: Mrs Mellors
EYFS Phase Leader: Mrs L Gunasekara 
KS1 Phase Leader:  Mr Scrivens
KS2 Phase Leader: Mrs Graham
SENCO: Mrs Walstow


Rainbows - Mrs Butt

Ladybirds: Miss Brand
Strawberries: Mrs L Gunasekara

Year 1:

Pumpkins: Mr Scrivens
Goldfish: Miss Ford                                                        

Year 2:

Daffodils: Mrs Prideaux
Sunflowers: Mrs Kuhrt

Year 3:
Parakeets: Mrs Smith and Mrs Townsley
Emeralds: Mrs Langley and Mrs Thompson
Turtles: Mrs Graham

Year 4:
Kingfishers: Mrs P Gunasekera
Dolphins: Miss Frame

Year 5:
Swallows: Miss Gray
Sapphires: Miss Wood

Year 6:
Emperors: Mrs McGovern
Amethysts: Mrs Holly

French teacher: Madame Faircliff

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Wonnocott, Mrs Knowles-Baker, Mrs Manship, Mrs T May, Mrs Nebuloni, Mrs Dale, Mrs Young, Mrs Dean, Mrs Watson, Mrs Goddard, Mrs Oliver, Mrs Hibberd, Miss McLagan, Mrs Etheridge, Mrs Cowdroy, Mrs Purdue, Mrs Bates, Mrs N May and Miss Williams.

Teaching Support Assistants: Mrs Boyle, Mrs Manship, Mrs Dinan, Mr Darcy, Mrs Hastie, Mrs Lyons, Mrs Holmes, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Griffin.

Office Team:   Mrs Finch, Mrs Eyles, Mrs Dumonde and Mrs Watkins
Facilities Manager:  Mr Humphreys
Specialist P.E. Teachers:  Coach Attenborough & Coach K-B
Home School Link Worker: Mrs Doe
Midday Supervisors Mrs Perrin, Miss McLagan, Miss Williams, Mrs Oliver, Mrs Lyons, Mrs Cowdry, Mrs Dean, Mrs Dale, Mrs N May, Mrs T May, Mrs Holmes, Miss Williams, Mrs Etheridge, Mrs Young, Mrs Boyle, Mrs Bartlett, Mrs Begum, Mrs Nebuloni and Mrs Strong.